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What is Python?


Command Line hands-on


  • Clear history: `ctrl + l`
  • Clear everything left from current cursor position: `ctrl + u`
  • Clear everything right from current cursor position: `ctrl + k`
  • Re-call last input with sudo: `sudo !!`
  • Stop current process: `ctrl + c`
  • Jump to left: `ctrl + a`
  • Jump to right: `ctrl + e`
  • Help: `help cd` / `help dir` (…)
  • Finding Help: `apropos directory` / `apropos search` (…)
  • Define custom startup screen: `sudo nano /etc/motd`
  • Run a script as a background process: `python &`
  • List all running process’s: `ps aux`
  • Kill a running process: `sudo kill 12345`


  • Get the current path: `pwd`

  • Allows developers to work simultaneously.
  • Does not allow overwriting each other’s changes.
  • Maintains a history of every version
  1. Centralized…

Akshay Prasad

I am Master's student in the Netherlands and has a previous work experience of 4 years in the field of Software Development.

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